my names Kam, I'm the owner of 78th Street Clothing and this is my story...
I live in New York City and work full time as a model. 
In the first 6 months of the pandemic, I managed to get my heart broken, graduate from college, fall in love again, get my heart broken again, and then drop out of a 2nd college degree program. (it was a 6 month long roller coaster to say the least).  
I made this brand to express how I felt after all of that- it started with I should've kissed you longer. There were things I wish I said and wish I did when I had the chance, but I now know it all happened for a reason.
This is for anyone going through what I went through, all those heartbreaks, all those wrong turns - it's happening for a reason and led me to some of the greatest points in my life.